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Aviation Weekend in Amsterdam
Images from a Flight Simulator weekend at Luchtwartsmuseum and images from Schiphol Airport
Great but defunct
Great airlines that are no more
Beauty of Airliners 1
Beauty of Airliners 2
Beauty of Airliners 3
In the aftermath of 9/11 I did this tribute to Aviation, Airlines, Airliners, Flying people and the rest of us using air travel and enjoying aviation
Old Swedish domestic airline that is no more
Airport - Artport 1
Airport - Artport 2
Airports are fantastic. I could spend hours at airports, watching aircrafts, people, things that goes on, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the fantastic atmosphere...

American Airlines
My American Airlines Experience
Museum Tour One
Museum Tour Two
As a gift to myself for my 50th birthday I went for an aviation tour of the USA in 1999, flying American, visiting aviation museums and stuff

New York Airports
Three airports in the Big Apple; LGA, EWR and JFK
Seattle Tacoma Airport - SeaTac
A couple of images from my American Aviation tour

Douglas DC-3
Greatest airliner of them all (?)
Big Clipper Flying Boats
What a way to fly, a short but beautiful era

Saab 39 Gripen
This I did when the multi role combat aircraft Saab 39 Gripen began to come into active service. Aggressive Swedish steel on wings

Tupolev Tu-104
First Soviet jet airliner

Handley Page H.P. 42
Is it a plane? Yes, flying the British flag to the furthermost corners of the Empire in the 30s

First commercial jet airliner

KLM 747 landing
Images from a crosswind landing in Sydney
Saab Scandia 90A
Swedish airliner from the 50s, meant to replace the DC-3. But only a few were built
Aviation Videos
Real hard porn for airliner lovers


Wideroe of Norway
A Flight Bodo-Mo i Rana with Wideroe of Norway
Bombardier Dash-8
How do the do it? Wideroe flies in the often very harsh Norwegian weather and terrain, in darkest winter and in brightest polar summer nights
My love; my first airliner, my first flight, flying SAS, to my favourite town, London. Oh, Caravelle...